I am a 25 year old from Melbourne, Australia and this is a blog about my 2011/2 travels around South America, 2013 travels around Southeast Asia and current travels in India.

Some names have been changed.

If you would like some suggestions as to which posts to read, here are a few:

L Is For Lame Party Hostel In La Paz
New Year’s in a party hostel full of Australians and a visit to La Paz’s infamous cocaine bar

Quito, City Of Love
I find out for myself whether Quito lives up to its dangerous reputation. Questionable actions include mistaking an African-German traveller for a junkie and spending Valentine’s Day with an American hipster.

The Awkwardness Of Being A Solo Female Traveller
In San Gil, a sexually ambiguous Colombian takes us out for a night and I make some poor attempts at speaking Spanish.

When Every Day Is The Weekend
Continuing my tradition of being the token Australian, I spend a week with a group of French speaking people in Paraty and pick up a little bit of the language (namely – “What?” and “Where’s my lighter?”)

Are You A Free Bird?
I meet an unsavoury Polish guy at my hostel in Koh Rong and enticed by the opportunity to observe phosphorescent plankton, I agree to walk to a dark secluded beach with him.

Me v.s. a Pablo Escobar Look-alike

Alternatively, click here to view a complete archive of posts.

Thanks for stopping by!


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