Baring Is Caring


For your unadulterated reading pleasure, below is a complete archive of posts, starting with the oldest:

South America 2011/2

Back To Sea Level And A Night In Peru’s Most Dangerous City
Living The Local Life In Lima
The South American Bus Experience
L Is For Lame Party Hostel In La Paz
Lucky/Unlucky In Ecuador
Australian Tourist Hell
Sex, Drugs, Spanish School
Quito, City Of Love
Colombia Sans Carnaval
Mediocre Caribbean Coastline
The Awkwardness Of Being A Solo Female Traveller
In Praise of Hammocks
Much Ado About Rio
Brazilian Easter/Boat Party
Depth Takes A Holiday
When Every Day Is The Weekend
Why Hostels Are Not Romantic Places

Southeast Asia 2013

Last Minute Lack Of Planning
My Infatuation With The Beach
A Romantic St Patrick’s Day In Cambodia
Are You A Free Bird?
Not As Free As I Thought
Choose Your Own Adventure
Brits (Australians?) Behaving Badly
Race Against Thai New Year
The End, For Now

India 2014

Fears, Jeers, Sneers
The Indian Night Bus Experience


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