A Romantic St. Patrick’s Day in Cambodia

That day on the beach, we met an English guy, two Irish guys and a Finnish girl who invited us to drink with them that night for St Patrick’s Day. They were staying in bungalows on the more expensive side of the island but in saying that, it only took us ten minutes to walk to their end.

Koh Rong attracted a lot of dishevelled looking hippies and for a small island, its nightlife was lively. We had drinks at the restaurant bar for happy hour before continuing on to the main strip of bars. The bar we ended up in was quite amusing; nearly everyone was on drugs and danced enthusiastically to techno as though their lives depended on it.

After a few hours, Paul, the Norwegian guy, told me he was planning on going to bed soon; he hadn’t been drinking much because he had to get up early the next day to get a ferry to the mainland. I wasn’t sure how I felt about him exactly but sensing his boredom, I asked him if he wanted to go for a walk.

We walked along the beach until I suggested sitting down in the sand. We had a clear view of the sky and he was in the middle of pointing out some stars to me when we saw a shooting star. By now, we were lying side by side; he had laid down first and I had followed suit.

It must have been obvious why I’d suggested leaving the bar together but I grew impatient with waiting for him to make a move so I leaned in and kissed him. He kissed back, pulling me on top of him. Then just as quickly, he pulled away and told me he couldn’t because there was a girl he was sort of seeing.

Immediately I felt relieved, as though I had been let off the hook. I suppose I liked the idea of being with him; he was good looking and had just finished a year in the army, but I hadn’t felt any chemistry when we kissed.

We walked back to the hostel, passing a circle of people who were singing Kumbaya (not making this up). He was quite affectionate and it wasn’t too awkward. But we were sharing a dorm and I felt weird about going to bed at the same time as him so I went back to the bar. I found the others and sat with them for another hour before I went to sleep.


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